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With our premium CS:GO Reportbot you can easly ban cheaters in CS:GO! Just report them and our report-bot sends 20 reports daily to this player. Ban the cheater in your enemy team now!

CSGO Reportbot

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About our Reportbot service

About our Reportbot service

We offer a high quality CSGO Reportbot via Discord. With more than 50.000 accounts there are unlimited reports for our customers avaiable. With our Report-bot you are able to report cheaters, track reported players and get some important statistics about your reports. We created this reportbot for CS:GO because we want to clear it from cheaters. Our goal: No more cheaters in Counter Strike! Feel free to join our great community and enjoy the best csgo reportbot service!

Best ban rate

We have a close to 90% ban rate. So close to every cheater that you report will get banned!

50.000+ accounts

We have more than 50.000 accounts in our database to reportbot with


The bot is 99,9% of the time online and working.

CS:GO Reportbot

CS:GO Reportbot

Choose your reportbot subscription to get access to our discord reportbot! We offer a 1 month, 1 year and a lifetime subscription! Unlimited reports, track unlimited players and get important statistics about players.

How CS:GO reportbots works

How CS:GO reportbots works

A reportbot allows you to mass-report cheaters in CS:GO. This is useful because a minimum of 11 reports in 21 hours is needed to bring a player into overwatch. As a result, cheaters could fully avoid beeing overwatched if they played only one match per day as there are only 9 players who can report. In this case mass-reporting is useful to reach the critical amount of reports.