Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our Reportbot service

A reportbot allows you to mass-report cheaters in CS:GO. This is useful because a minimum of 11 reports in 21 hours is needed to bring a player into overwatch

Most of the reported cheater will get banned by our premium reportbot. We resend daily more reports to the cheater if he doesnt got banned yet.

Currently we have more than 50.000 accounts in stock. Enough for every customer!

Yes, you are able to report 100 players in 24 hours.

We support a lot of different methods for example PayPal, Creditcards, Btc but also Paysafecards and Steamgiftcards.

Please contact us via discord.

Yes, we dont need any login details. You use this service only on discord.

Our reportbot works fully automatic via discord. You just buy a supscription and use it on our discord.

Please join our official reportbot discord to find all giveaways!